I recently honoured myself and participated in my very first women’s reconnection retreat in Rainbow Beach.  It was oh so special and I got so much more than I ever could have imagined from attending the retreat.

I will never forget the “FEELINGS” of being immersed in nature, nurture and the “GOLD” (lessons) that I received on this retreat.

Rainbow Beach is such a sacred place on this earth, the house was amazing, as where all the beautiful women present.  I really appreciated the made with love touches, of flowers, candles, soaps, chakra stones and that provided a holistic healing space.  All the activities, the music, healings, expressions of gratitude, dancing, had their place in perfect balance.  What really lit my authentic self was the dancing on the beach around a fire at sunset – MAGIC – the feelings of freedom, peace and fun was a special way to start the retreat and visiting the sacred magnificence of Lake Poona.



 1. The importance of valuing yourself –

your precious time, your energies, your experiences.  As woman we are innately nurturing and it is easy to sacrifice your own needs and put others needs first (your children, your partner, your family).  It may seem somewhat selfish and to take the time away, to spend the money to nurture ourselves.  But imagine, just what if reconnecting to your mind, body & soul would make you a more loving, patient, supportive -mother, wife, partner, daughter. Would you do it then?

2. Reconnecting back to your authentic self –

through nature, nurture, love, light, beautiful candles – through the art of just being.  Having the time and the space to journal, sit, explore, rest, walk, yoga, meditate, dance, sing, listen, connect and to heal.

3. Find your flow through being, feeling and letting go.

With no TV, no smart phones, no children, no distractions.  Imagine what you can find within when you let go of the struggle, the day to day routine, the doing, the accomplishing when you just ‘BE’.  The freedom to ‘FEEL’ – that’s what the feminine within us is yearning for.  I personally gained a greater understanding around the while no one will exactly understand what you are going through on your personal journey.  That’s ok.  They will ask when they are ready to hear or not and that this is ok too.

4. The importance of nutritious healthy organic food and the benefits it provides to your body.

The warmth of the roasted pumpkin soup soothed my heart through the love that it was made with.  The chai tea calmed my inner world and nervous system.  The raw food 3 course meal was an absolutely a taste sensation that connected my mind, body and soul.  Avocado & cacao (chocolate moose) – YUM – don’t knock it till you have tried it!! I loved the gratitude and pray before receiving each delicious meal.

5. Nature is healing, grounding and full of beauty.

Aligning your soul with all the elements – earth, water, air, fire is empowering.  From dancing around a fire on the beach at sunset, walking in silence to the expansiveness of Lake Poona was a sacred journey within.  I’m usually such an ocean woman, but during this nature walk I really gained an appreciation of the value of nature. Lake Poona was so sacred, I felt so vulnerable against this magnificent lake.  Floating in the fresh water cleansed and renewed my soul connection – it washed away my confusion and struggles.  My intuition led me on a journey of choice.  That my life, my decisions, my expressions, my lessons are my choice, as it is with everyone else in my life.  That when I can feel, connect and gain balance I having an inner knowing that I am completely supported by the universe.



Personally, for me I have been learning, practicing, exploring & struggling to find the balance in my life through connection with others.  I’m naturally a deep thinking, an explorer of the within, a truth seeker – but have struggled of late to find connections with those I love.  I now have a greater understanding that while others will never fully understand my emotional journey – that’s ok.  While I have found my voice & have learned to express myself – its ok, not to share with everyone.  While I am living my soul purpose & have found the self-confidence to share my gifts – its ok, not to have to share it with everyone.

I recently I have been delving into my shadow side this retreat has taught me that there is “gold” in the LIGHT too.  I have realised the importance for me to ground, reconnect with my ever evolving self, and with immersing myself in nature brings clarity & an inner knowing that I am enough.  When I am authentic my light shines naturally and that this in turn organically attracts souls that choose to connect with me, who will accept me for all that I am.  This retreat showed me a path of balance in my ego & authentic self, in expressing & listening, by being vulnerable & giving others space, in receiving and in giving.  That when I let go and go with the flow I remember that everything and everyone is perfect just the way it is.

Oh yeah I’m so inspired to return to Spain for Camino de Santiago walk.


My expression of Gratitude to RAINBOW BEACH RECONNECTION RETREAT.  Thank you to Renee and Sallyann for developing and providing the space for the retreat.  A space that was nurturing, supportive and open for authentic connection within self and with others.  Thank you to all that helped with the delicious food, the organising and the healings.  Thank you to all the beautiful women that shared this experience with me.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am at peace and again have found my FREEDOM WITHIN through reconnecting with my authentic self.


If you would like to reconnect with your authentic self through nature and nurture you can find them on Facebook – Rainbow Reconnection Retreats. https://www.facebook.com/events/700435750099425/


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