1:1, 3 Month Co-creation

energy & soul mastery mentoring for

earthing you, activating soul & co-creating dreams. 






BECOMING is for SOULFUL women who are at a crossroads in their life but ready to set themselves free & reclaim their gifts, by doing the deep inner work to heal, transform, create & receive.

This is for those who seek professional, deep, grounded & embodied practices to find their freedom & break the cycle of pain and step onto their path of destiny.

Come home to your heart


We each have a story written in our hearts. 

This story has the power to heal generational patterns, so we can rediscover who we really are & open the gateway to our soul purpose, so we can make a difference in this world. 


Becoming, is the greatest gift to you & your children!

The unravelling of your hearts story is Your Becoming.



What if you…


When was the last time – it was all about YOU and you didn’t feel GUILTY?  Hmmm… it’s hard to remember isn’t it.  Now you know, it’s time to choose yourself!  By committing, investing & giving to ourselves & our dreams we create the energy, intention and empowerment to give this freely to others.


Many women get lost in their families, the “busy-ness” of life & forget their dreams.  They fear or don’t know how to ask for what they need & want  because they don’t even know!  When we have clarity on what we need, want and desire – we can move forward in the direction of our dreams and co-create with the universe.


Learn how to be your own healer (& your families) – through connecting with your intuition & your body to balance your emotions & clear your energy.  We each have our own soul medicine and I will show you how to find YOURS & use it to heal, transform, create and receive what you truly desire.


Do you feel stuck & alone

at the crossroads of

((settling & wanting more? 

lt looks like this:

EMOTIONS ARE WEIGHING YOU DOWN (Vulnerability is beautiful)

We’ve been taught to keep the lid on our heart’s pandora’s box, when it comes to expressing our emotions – you fear if you open the flood gates you won’t be able to close them again.  You feel everything deeply – anxiety, bouts of depression, unbalanced hormones & an emptiness that can’t be filled.  You can’t find your happy place or maintain it!

Learn how to shift from your head into your heart through being PRESENT.


It feels like something (or someone) is missing from your life

You desire MORE.  It’s not that you are not grateful for what you do have, but there feels like something is missing.  You desire FULFILLMENT through more love, connection, purpose, balance.  You desire to choose and be chosen in love.  

You desire to make a difference in this world.

HOLDING ON, CONTROL, FIXING (Freedom through being).

Do you overthink and over analyse everything?  You are constantly trying to work it all out, fix everything and feel like you are constantly juggling your duties in hope of holding everything together, because if you fall apart, life falls apart.  You hold on so tightly to what was because you fear the unknown.

Learning the art of letting go, is your becoming.

Are you an everyday woman that finds herself living a life you didn’t sign up for


you are ready to admit it… but don’t know HOW to change it?


It feels like this:

Over-giving, un-appreciated & not enough

Do you have a deep desire to feel worthy of your dreams?


Do you find it hard to say no?  Do you feel unsupported & un-appreciated?  Do you constantly lack of energy, mojo & deep down you know you can’t keep going like this.    


Choosing ourselves is the first step in opening your heart to receive!





The Path of Self-Love – Emotional Mastery – Opening & healing the heart, to gain a deeper understanding of your self & life experiences.


The Path of Becoming.

Who am I and why am I here. Your Soul Passion


The Path of Divine Connection – opening to RECEIVE and co-create your dreams with the universe. 


Learn HOW to:

  1. Transformation of your past experiences – greatest life challenges, traumas, soul lessons, fears, limiting beliefs.
  2. Awareness & healing your core soul wounds, generational patterns, programs and conditionings.
  3. Use your body to navigate, transform & release your deepest emotions, in a safe supported soulful way.
  4. Unravel your heart & find your truth through sensations in your body (not your mind).


Embody 4 Universal Energies

  • Energy 1:  Reconnection
  • Energy 2:  Committment
  • Energy 3:  Courage & Strength
  • Energy 4:  Believe


  1. Become aware (& make friends) with your ego, your fears, your saboteur. 
  2. Navigate the necessary destruction of who you were so you can become who you are meant to be.
  3. Rediscovering your authentic self, setting boundaries, and returning to unconditional love to become the woman you desire to be.
  4. Learning the art of letting go of expectations, attachments and outcomes to flow in the rhythm of your soul.

Embody 4 Universal Energies

  • Energy 5: Pleasure
  • Energy 6: Next Level
  • Energy 7: Owning & Claiming
  • Energy 8: Confidence – it’s happening

Learn HOW to:

  1. Allowing your soul to guide you to oneness – feeling whole & complete as you are.
  2. Unleashing the Ocean of LOVE within you.
  3. Align to your values, dreams & trust in your visions unwaveringly & wholeheartedly for the future to receive in what you truly desire.
  4. The art of Embodiment, HOW to open your heart create your dreams and hold your vision unwaveringly and wholeheartedly. 


Embody 4 Universal Energies

  • Energy  9:      Rebirth
  • Energy 10:    Gratitude
  • Energy 11:     Truth
  • Energy 12:    Celebration – The Ocean of LOVE within.





2 hour Soul Vision Mapping Strategy Session (including energy treatment to create our sacred container.

6 x 1.5 hour Individual Soul & Energy Kinesiology Treatments.

12 x PDF Journey Guidebooks  for deeper exploration & embodiment.

EMAIL & MESSENGER SUPPORT 4 days per week.

BONUSES – 12 x weekly LIVE Zoom Energy Activations

Interested, let's chat - it's FREE



I created this soul offering while I was in Bali on my own unravelling journey of learning the art of BEING.  I had found myself at yet another crossroads after losing my everything.  Here I realised I am everything and my dreams are possible!


As an ex over-giver & under-feeler, I know exactly what it’s like to…


  • Feel  overwhelmed by my emotions
  • Be  stuck in my head, thinking & over-analyzing.
  • Be disconnected from my soul path and deny my intuition
  • Want to numb  out the pain I feel in my body.
  • Be stuck at a crossroads and feel confused & unsure about which direction to take in my life.
  • Fear opening my hearts pandora box & safely feel the  full capacity of my emotions
  • Have no clarity on my needs, wants and desires – ever lone my DREAMS!
  • Work really, really hard  for everything I desired…

There is a new way of being, I want to share with you.  We will play in the cosmos of possibilities & earth what we truely desire.

BECOMING  is a SACRED SPACE for doing the WORK. 


It is a deep dive into YOUr heart & YOUR JOURNEY.  

The purpose is to awaken & earth who you were born to be

to RECEIVE your dreams.

A woman who chooses herself, loves deeply, and finds her freedom.

A woman free to embrace the full depth of her emotions.

A woman who lets her heart, body and soul lead.

A woman who is courageous to ask for what she wants.

A woman who is free to be herself.

A woman who releases the ocean of love within her and makes a difference in this world.


You’re invited to learn & embody the feminine skills of

BEING & BECOMING an everyday awakened woman.

Working with Megan Johnston, Universal timing is everything when journeying back to your soul. Have you ever looked back to a series of moments and choices that lead you to where you are now?

 When looking back and reflecting on my journey with Megan I can say that there was divine support for my journey to awaken my soul purpose. It took courage to make that first call after quite a few months of falling down in life. But after our first session together I knew I was right where I needed to be. Megan was supportive, intuitive and held space while I birthed my truths, awoke my soul and fell back in love with myself.

 Committing to a mentoring program with Megan was life changing. She held me accountable for my growth, nurtured me through the dark spaces, and we celebrated the birthing of new gifts. It was a space where we could co – create magic and feel deeply connected as soul sisters. Megan is more than a mentor, she is deeply committed to all her client’s journeys with support through calls, emails, messages and one on one sessions. Her programs are beautifully tailored to everyday women who as searching for connection. I would not be where I am today without having said yes to Megan’s mentoring program. If you have ever felt the pull grow yourself but just wanted someone to journey through it with you, then I would highly recommend working with this gorgeous woman.

Hazel Burns

Megan is a wonderful mentor, guide and healer. For me, her Mentorship program not only became about achieving an outcome I had been desiring  to bring to fruition for a long time, it was also a personal journey of discovery and evolution. 

I feel that participating in a Mentorship Program offered and created way more than simply booking some one off sessions (of course these are great too, however the Mentorship allows for so much more to unfold).

Megan is caring, supportive, encouraging and skilled, as well as being what is required to make you be accountable and to continue taking those steps (and leaps) to move forward. 

She helps you to tap into your own skills and strategies as well as guiding you with her own skills and knowledge to open the doors to new possibilities.

Megan deeply cares about her clients and is on your journey with you. It was also such a blessing to know she truly “got me” and I was totally free to express my authentic self without the fear of judgement. That was invaluable to me.

Megan uses a wonderful blend of healing and strategy and also provides ongoing support throughout the week in between “face to face” sessions. I would highly recommend her.

Megan, is incredible.

The Mentoring Program with her has been a life changing experience. You have to surrender and allow yourself to open and heal old and deep wounds.

Megan was always there to support and guide me. This program is a must for anyone feeling lost or unsure of who they are and where they are going in their life.

The Warrior in me is awaken and brave again.

Kerri Welsh

I work BEST with everyday women who:


Feel like they are at crossroads in their life, and know it’s time to choose themselves.  

When we GIVE so much to others, they are left lost, exhausted and forget to prioritise their own needs, wants & desires.


Are ready to choose themselves & take a leap of faith 

but, are fearful of how the change will affect them and their families if they dive into the unknown.


They know they have so much LOVE to give, 

but are held back by pains and struggles of the past and don’t know how to let go of control to allow the universe to guide them to their ocean of love within.


Feel they WANT MORE out of life

More connection, passion, love, freedom, fulfillment, purpose, wisdom but don’t know exactly what they desire or how to seek the answers within.


Know they are meant to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world,  but don’t know HOW!


What is Mentoring?

Mentoring with me is a co-creation of your energy, my energy infused of the greater wisdom of the universe.  It consists of a 2 hour strategy session, 6 x 1.5hour kinesiology treatments, 12 x module journey guidebooks & unlimiited support.  It is the sharing wisdom, knowledge, skills and life experience to guide another towards finding your answers and medicine within to open to your full potential.  It’s a journey of shared discovery.  I am here to walk beside you, clear the energy and guide you to your answers.  I am here to believe in the possibilities of your highest vision, when you can’t see them. And I am here to always guide you back home to your truth, your heart and your souls medicine.

When does it start?

This mentoring program runs all year round – via invitation or application. However, places are limited each quarter.

Exact appointment dates are scheduled upon enrolment.

I've never tried Kinesiology before, is this for me?

Yes it is. Whether you’re totally new to kinesiology OR you already have a tool kit of transformation skills under your belt, this experience is for the woman ready to feel confident & comfortable in her own skin and to support others (family + clients) to feel the same using practical, grounded and simple techniques of mind, body and soul.

Generally around half our participants are new to energy medicine. They are at the point of readiness (despite their fear) to take responsibility and a leap of faith.

The other half of our participants have some kind of connection to wanting to make a difference in this world, (some common examples are yoga teachers, psychotherapists, life/other forms of coaching, art therapists etc) but feel THEY are missing pieces of the puzzle to deepen how they make a difference in this world.

Each of our 12 core modules is designed with 3 complementary paths of:

1. Transformation – The Path of Self-love – deeply understand the self, life journey + your emotions.

2. Creating – The Path of Becoming –how to apply it to your everyday life, who am I and why am I here?

3. RECEIVING: The Path of Divine Connection – Living authentically to RECEIVE and co-create your dreams with the universe.

Together, these 3 paths ensure you’re well rounded in all the necessary skills – and qualities – an everyday awakened woman requires to make a difference in this world – just by being YOU.

I'm already a practitioner, can I join in & weave this magic through my own work?

Yes of course! Generally, around half of our students have some kind of transformational skill in their tool kit (some common examples are social workers, massage therapists, teachers, health care professionals, counsellors, art therapists, yoga instructors etc) but feel THEY are missing pieces of the puzzle to deepen how they make a difference in this world

Each of our 12 core modules is designed with 3 complementary paths of:
1. Transformation – The Path of Self-love – deeply understand the self, life journey + your emotions.

2. Creating – The Path of Becoming –how to apply it to your everyday life.o am I and why am I here?

3. RECEIVING: The Path of Divine Connection – Living authentically to RECEIVE and co-create your dreams with the universe.

Together, these 3 paths ensure you’re well rounded in all the necessary skills – and qualities – an everyday awakened woman requires to make a difference in this world – just by being YOU.

We are also very happy for you to take the modality of Becoming & Awakening and weave it together with your other skills, tools & desires to offer the work in a way that feels aligned for you.

What professional support is provided, during and after program?

I want you to succeed. I provide a 2 hour strategy session at the beginning, ½ way phone evaluation and reflection on completion.

I also offer 24/7 support via email, messenger throughout the program – because it is being present in the moment that creates the long life transformation.

To this end past participants can access support via the following channels:

1. Access to the Private Facebook Group

2. Access to The Woman Within Journey private community – where you receive ongoing support from me and like minded women.

3. You will be invited to participate in any future live retreats at a heavily discounted cost.

What does it cost?

.The total cost is $2222 a $1111 deposit is required before the  Soul Vision Mapping Session.  

Then  we can arrange weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

What I like to offer is – what will it cost if  nothing changes.  

What would be possible if I had someone to guide and support me every step of the way.

How committed to my dream am I and how devoted  am I to  walking the path of my soul.

Is this only available to women? No.

While this mentoring program is aimed at women, we welcome men and teenagers that feel a heart felt connection to this offering.

If you would like to clarify if this is appropriate for you or your teenager, please contact us to discuss further at hello@meganjohnston.com.au

I have another question, that is not answered here...

You can email us at hello@meganjohnston.com.au and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, Mondays thru Fridays.

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