Heal, transform, create & receive

   Would you like to find out what’s blocking you from opening your heart & receiving what you desire?


My Choose Your Heart Self-Healing Kit supports you do exactly that.  In the kit I will teach you my unique “Heart Opening Process”. This is an original process I used to heal my own heart in 2015 and now I want to share it with you to heal, transform and create whatever you desire.      It is a mind, body & soul energetic process that is all encompassing!


It’s simple, but it works miracles.


After 20 years of years of studying psychology, working as a therapist and a Kinesiologist.  I witnessed my clients struggling to ride the waves of their transformation and emotions.  I noticed the walls they had built around their hearts as a form of protection from their pain, but that it also kept them disconnection from their authentic self, their truth & their  purpose. I was inspired to find a way to STOP THE CYCLE OF PAIN –    and make a bigger difference and impact for my clients!

When your energy is aligned 

you feel inspired to take confident steps

towards your dreams.



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Take my Heart Healing Quiz to find your woman within archetype & her superpowers & receive a beautiful 11 page PDF Guide.


What’s next?  EMBODIMENT. 

Yes you can read all about her, you can understand her  & her journey from a mind level.  Embodiment means to fully awaken & unleash her within you.  Integrating her light & dark to free herself. 

I’m astounded by the outcomes the process has created in my own life, and in the lives of so many others. Hundreds of people have successfully used my Heart Opening Process to:

Get clear on their needs, wants and desires and make a declaration.

Find out EXACTLY what’s blocking them from receiving their dreams

Learn how to move from their head to their heart.

Learn how to feel & shift the resistance in their body to find their peace.


Move forward in their life with acceptance, understanding and clarity.

Transform generational patterns, fears and limiting beliefs

Create new way of being through trusting in the path your soul & her path.   

Connect with your intuition  and deeply understand all the ways your intuition is guiding you.

Choose Your Heart


only $57


This kit is digital. When you pay you’ll receive the Choose Your Heart Self-Healing Kit straight to your inbox  via email.

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What’s in the Choose Your Heart Self-Healing kit?


Choose Your Heart Healing Process Guidebook [pdf]  20 pages about HOW you use the process.

Choose Your Heart Opening Process worksheet  [pdf] – You use this each time you align to a new declaration.

Detailed audio of The Choose You Heart Healing Process.  [mp3] – I will talk you through the process so that you fully understand each step.

Activating Heart Opening meditation process  [mp3] to meet, connect & heal with your Woman Within Archetype Includes questions to guide your explorations of your specific blocks in relation to your goals

Video – finding your answers within. To help you feel empowered to trust you have everything you need within you.



* 28 Healing Archetype Cards [pdf] to print, laminate, cut & use forever. You use these cards for insights from your soul and find out what is blocking your receiving your declaration.

*  Archetype Guidebook [pdf] – detailed information about all the archetypes, deep enquire questions, Helps you deeply know, love and be all parts of yourself. 

*  Heart Healing Meditation Audio. [mp3].  To help you navigate your way through your emotions, experiences & connect with your intuition.


You will LOVE this if:

You LOVED the quiz and resonate with your heart healing archetype and you want to dive deeper into activating, unleashing & embodying her. (on a budget)

If you feel lost, disconnected and stuck – but you a on a path of becoming and awakening to who you really are and desire to rediscover lost parts of yourself.

Want to learn how to shift from your head to your heart.

Want to learn to navigate your emotions and process them through your body.

You know you desire MORE… love, connection, purpose, freedom in your life.

Have energy treatments, but want something to play with in between sessions.

You want more tools for your toolbox for you and your family.

You work with clients and want a process to take talking therapy to the next level by introducing simply energy work.




The Earthy Woman, The Goddess, The Wild Woman, The Empowered Woman, The Ocean Woman, The Wise Woman, The Creatress.

They are all within us, just at different stages in our life we need different superpowers.  Embodying all 7 archetypes is activating in our full potential. 

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