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I hold a vision of a world where every woman unleashes the ocean of love within her.  When she walks her path of knowing, loving & becoming the best version of herself, she passes this love & wisdom onto her children.  And they grow up feeling safe, free and knowing that their dreams are possible.



MY SOUL MISSION – is to teach women how to heal themselves by opening their hearts and becoming who they really are.  When we deeply understand ourselves & accept our journey, we can transform generational patterns into our gifts and purpose. Why heal, so they feel empowered to take responsibility for their own awakening & becoming by choosing to commit and invest in themselves & their dreams.



MY HEARTS MISSION – is to create belonging and eradicate aloneness from this world. When we open our hearts and heal our pain, we create an invitation to develop a true connection with ourselves, the earth, and our soul tribe.    Which is why  I guide women on the soul path to freedom by deeply knowing, loving and being themselves. 



Your task is not to  seek for love,  but merely to  seek and find all the barriers within yourself  that you have built against it.” Rumi




 In  self-responsibility.  We don’t have to be perfect, but  we do have to take responsibility.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves (& our family) is the gift of know, loving and being ourselves.

You have an ocean of love within you, waiting to be unleashed.

Your body & your emotions is the most powerful healing tool you have.

Everyday women are more courageous than they know.

You are not broken, you heart is being cracked open to awaken you.

The darkness is just as profound and beautiful as the light within us.

If wonder if you have a soul purpose, YOU DO.

Our full potential is the integration of both our masculine and feminine essence.

The universe works in mysterious ways, if you allow the unfolding you will be guided every step of the way

– you are never alone!

I believe everyday women, do & can make a difference in this world, just by ‘BECOMING & AWAKEN’ who they really are. 

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and when we do, we heal the generations before &    after us, and

this, is a miracle!


While I know it can feel challenging, walking the path of transformation, navigating your emotions and holding your family together.  There is only one thing more beautiful than an empowered woman choosing herself, knowing her worth, & receiving what she truly desires. 


And that is when, she teaches her children the same.

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