Live your passion &

create your dream


Awaken the LEADER in you!

1:1  3 Month Intensive to co-create your soul work.

For creatives, changemakers & practitioners
who are ready to be seen, heard & felt!

We each have our own souls blueprint – when we are in tune with the natural rhythm of our heart and soul, the possibilities of what we can create and dream into being, is infinite.  As are the resources we require. 

Find your medicine and change the world.


Within you, is the possibility of

channelling & creating

YOUR soul’s signature process & program

that will awaken the leader you really are.


You had a unique body of soul work

that transformed your own life & the lives of others

Which set your biz apart from ALL others!


Many of us have learnt the art of giving but find it difficult to receive.  We have learnt to be fiercely independent but forgotten the possibilities of co-creation with others and the universe.


You have participated or watched on the sidelines in other online programs and went YES I want to create my thing!  You have a knowing inside of you that it is possible!


You know you’re a leader in your industry (or desire to be).  You know you want to make a difference in this world (& you already do) but want to take it to the next level through embodying your soul’s legacy & birthing your souls work.


You love what you do & have so much wisdom to share,

but can’t find a way for it to be seen, heard & felt

to impact this world.


You know you are a wise woman who has gifts.  You feel the fear of expressing your authentic self & you know there is resistance to owning all of who you are & what you do.  You have worked so hard, yet still struggling to make the impact you desire.


You have invested & committed to learning your wisdom internally & externally, yet you still feel like there are pieces of the puzzle missing.  You yearn for knowing and living your soul purpose and finding a way to share it.


You have learnt many different modalities, but know that YOU have something special to offer that is unique to you.  Our full potential lies in the integration of both your masculine & feminine power.  This mentorship is about BEING just as much as DOING. 

There is a time when one must decide either to

risk everything to fulfil one’s dreams


settle for a less than extraordinary life.



The Path of Possibilities Self Mastery – Cracking opened the heart & reconnecting to soul to create space for the possibilities of your dreams.


The Path of Receiving.  –

opening to RECEIVE and co-create your dreams with the universe.


The Path of Soul Purpose.  –

finding your medicine, correlating your gifts and birthing yourself & your work.


Commitment to all parts of your healing, journey and gathering pieces of your souls puzzle.

Shining a light on your shadows, acknowledging your fears, letting go of resistance

Tapping into the energy of your souls body of work / dream to confidently move forward in the direction of your dreams.

You will learn HOW to create space in your life and body to navigate, transform and open to possibilities.

 Embodiment of 4 Energies

  • Reconnection
  • Commitment
  • Courage + Strength
  • Belief in self & possibilities of your dreams.

What is my legacy to leave in this world?

Discovering your legacy. Delving into the remembrance of why you do what you do the deeper desire of how you will make a difference.

Developing your belief and confidence in yourself, your soul path and your dream.

You will learn HOW to be an channel your souls creation.

Journey Guidebook 4 Modules

  • Energy 5: Pleasure
  • Energy 6: Next Level
  • Energy 7: Owning & Claiming
  • Energy 8: Confidence – it’s happening

Allowing your soul to guide you to oneness – feeling whole & complete as you are.

Unleashing the Ocean of LOVE within you.

You will learn HOW to align to your values, dreams and trust in your visions unwaveringly and wholeheartedly for the future to receive in what you truly desire.

You will learn through the art of Embodiment, HOW to open your heart create your dreams and hold your vision unwaveringly and wholeheartedly.

Journey Guidebook 4 Modules

  • Energy 9:      Rebirth
  • Energy 10:    Gratitude
  • Energy 11:     Truth
  • Energy 12:    Celebration – The Ocean of LOVE within.


  +  2 Hour Strategy Session

  +  6 X 1.5 Hour Energy Treatments

  +  6 X Online Strategy Sessions

  +  12 Journey Guidebooks

  +  Access To Private Awakening Facebook group

  +  Access To Weekly Online Women’s Circles

  +  Unlimited Support from me!   


Choose your soul...



In 2015 a seed was planted in my soul after participating in an online program.  After resisting this for over 12 months I took the leap of faith, committed, invested and found a mentor who had what I wanted!  And I was rewarded with The Woman Within Journey my signature program and process that has changed my life and the lives of many others!  Now, I am ready to lead the way & show you how!


I know what it’s like to…

  • Feel resistance to my knowings and in walking my souls path.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the legacy that I know I am here to create.
  • Feel stuck in my head, thinking & over-analyzing all the time.
  • Play small and yearn to be seen, heard and felt.
  • Be stuck at a crossroads and feel confused & unsure about HOW it is all possible.
  • Fear committing and investing in a dream you can’t see in your reality, yet!
  • Watch & sit on the sidelines and wish I could do that…
  • Work really, really hard for everything I desired…but feel like you are not making the impact you desire.


But change makers like you & I, are not willing to settle.

We can no longer ignore the deep yearning of our purpose & and the whispers of our soul.  We know that there is MORE available to us. We will not allow our limiting beliefs and fears to continue keep us small & believe the stories that we’re “not good enough”.


Change makers like you & I, have a deep desire to make a difference.

We desire to deeply know ourselves & feel empowered by giving our gifts.  To embrace & expand our possibilities and ability to receive.  Deep down we know we have the answers, that our body is the space to create and birth from & are ready to claim the full birthright of our feminine gifts.


To support you to navigate into your own wisdom & cultivate the skills required to create your dream – I’ve created The Awakening Mentorship.





You’re invited to learn & embody the art of AWAKENING – your soul’s song, purpose, & her legacy, to create your very own soul body of work.

Do you feel called to be a leader in your industry & empower others & make a difference in this world. 


However big or small your dream, it is all possible There is a light inside all of us that illuminates our path, our truth, purpose, and our highest potential.  Call it soul, call it spirit, call it god, call it the universe.  It’s all within you and only you have the power to turn that light on and realise that not only are your dreams possible, they are inevitable.


Let me guide you to actualising yourself and your souls work,

on this earth, in this lifetime.






Akashic Record Reading + Written Report.

Life-time access to The Woman Within Journey (8 week online program).

Set of Archetype Healing Cards + Guidebook.

Choosing You Heart Healing Process – to heal, transform + create whatever you desire.

Energetic Heart Healing Audio + Access to ALL + new Audios & Webinars.

Invitation to work collectively with Megan’s other mentorship clients via a PRIVATE facebook group.


Choose your soul...


Working with Megan Johnston, Universal timing is everything when journeying back to your soul. Have you ever looked back to a series of moments and choices that lead you to where you are now? When looking back and reflecting on my journey with Megan I can say that there was divine support for my journey to awaken my soul purpose. It took courage to make that first call after quite a few months of falling down in life. But after our first session together I knew I was right where I needed to be. Megan was supportive, intuitive and held space while I birthed my truths, awoke my soul and fell back in love with myself. Committing to a mentoring program with Megan was life changing. She held me accountable for my growth, nurtured me through the dark spaces, and we celebrated the birthing of new gifts. It was a space where we could co – create magic and feel deeply connected as soul sisters. Megan is more than a mentor, she is deeply committed to all her client’s journeys with support through calls, emails, messages and one on one sessions. Her programs are beautifully tailored to everyday women who as searching for connection. I would not be where I am today without having said yes to Megan’s mentoring program. If you have ever felt the pull grow yourself but just wanted someone to journey through it with you, then I would highly recommend working with this gorgeous woman.

Hazel Burns

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What your unique signature process and strategy is this is a process that will change your life and the lives of others you are here to serve.


What your unique soul gifts, soul song and how to express her. 


What your soul medicine is and how it will unlock the hearts of your soul clients.


How to allow the unfolding of the journey to occur to allow your soul to lead and you to receive


Your generational patterns, old programs and conditions and how they sabotage your dreams and what soul lessons they are here to teach you.


How your intuition speaks uniquely to you and how to express it to others. 


What your legacy is and who are the soul clients you are meant to serve.


Your light and dark traits that you are meant to share, and how to authentically market yourself in a way that is in alignment with this. 





Feel like they are in the space inbetween.  

When we know we want to be of SERVICE, but feel like we give so much already, and are exhausted from trial and error .

Are ready to choose their soul + take a leap of faith 

they acknowledge their fears & doubts but still continue to commit & invest in themselves and their deepest desires.

They know they have so much LOVE & WISDOM to share, 

but are held back by pains and struggles of the past (past lives) and don’t know how to chanel & co-create with the earth, universe & soul to guide them to their soul work.

They want MORE IMPACT in a different way–

They often feel like they don’t quite fit in, in their field, they want to support others in a way that is natural to them and holistic in nature.  


Know they are meant to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world, 

and not knowing HOW, will not stop them seeking within to learn their medicine.


What is Mentoring?

Mentoring with me is a co-creation of your energy, my energy infused of the greater wisdom of the universe.  It is the sharing wisdom, knowledge, skills and life experience to guide another towards finding your answers and medicine within to open to your full potential.  It’s a journey of shared discovery.  I am here to walk beside you, clear the energy and guide you to your answers.  I am here to believe in the possibilities of your highest vision, especially when you can’t see them. And I am here to always guide you through your souls medicine to find your legacy and birth it out into the world.

When can I start Mentoring?

This mentoring program runs all year round – via invitation or application. However, places are limited each quarter.

Exact appointment dates are scheduled upon enrolment.

I'm already a practitioner, can I join in & weave this magic through my own work?

Yes of course! Participants generally have many modalities in their tool kit (some common examples are kinesiologists, social workers, massage therapists, teachers, health care professionals, counsellors, art therapists, yoga instructors etc) but feel THEY are missing pieces of the puzzle to deepen how they make a difference in this world

Each of our 12 core modules is designed with 3 complementary paths of:
1.  TRANSFORMATION – The Path of Possibilities – Self Mastery – Cracking opened the heart + reconnecting to soul to create space for the possibilities of your dreams.

2. CO-CREATION:  The Path of Receiving.  – opening to RECEIVE and co-create your dreams with the universe.

3. BIRTHING –The Path of Soul Purpose. – finding your medicine, correlating your gifts and birthing yourself + your work.

Together, these 3 paths ensure you’re well rounded in all the necessary skills – and qualities – an everyday awakened woman requires to make a difference in this world – just by being YOU.

We are also very happy for you to take the modality of Becoming & Awakening and weave it together with your other skills, tools & desires to offer the work in a way that feels aligned for you.

I've never tried Kinesiology before, is this for me?

Yes it is. Whether you’re totally new to kinesiology OR you already have a tool kit of transformation skills under your belt, this experience is for the woman ready to feel confident & comfortable in her own skin and to support others (family + clients) to feel the same using practical, grounded and simple techniques of mind, body and soul.

Generally around half our participants are new to energy medicine. They are at the point of readiness (despite their fear) to take responsibility and a leap of faith.

The other half of our participants have some kind of connection to wanting to make a difference in this world, (some common examples are yoga teachers, psychotherapists, life/other forms of coaching, art therapists etc) but feel THEY are missing pieces of the puzzle to deepen how they make a difference in this world.

Each of our 12 core modules is designed with 3 complementary paths of:

  1. EMBODIMENT – The Path of Possibilities – Self Mastery – Cracking opened the heart + reconnecting to soul to create space for the possibilities of your dreams.
  2. CO-CREATION: The Path of Receiving. – opening to RECEIVE and co-create your dreams with the universe.
  3. BIRTHING –The Path of Soul Purpose. – finding your medicine, correlating your gifts and birthing yourself + your work.

Together, these 3 paths ensure you’re well rounded in all the necessary skills – and qualities – an awakened woman requires to make a difference in this world.

What does it cost?

The mentorship is a commitment + investment of you and your time, energy, and money. The financial investment for this professional mentoring is low-four-figures (around $3500).

There are weekly, fortnightly and upfront payment options available.

Previous participants of ‘The Becoming Mentorship programs are eligible for a $400 enrollment discount. Exact figures & payment plan options will be given during your individual application conversation.

What professional support is provided, during and after program?

I want you to succeed. I provide a 2 hour strategy session at the beginning, ½ way phone evaluation and reflection on completion.

I also offer 24/7 support via email, messenger throughout the program – because it is being present in the moment that creates the long life transformation.

Past participants can access support via the following channels:

  1. Access to the Private Facebook Group
  2. Access to The Woman Within Journey private community – where you receive ongoing support from me and like minded women.
  3. You will be invited to participate in any future live retreats at a heavily discounted cost.
Is this only available to women? No.

While this mentoring program is aimed at women, we welcome men and teenagers that feel a heart felt connection to this offering. If you’d like to clarify if this training is appropriate for you or your child, please contact us to discuss further at

I have another question...

You can email us at and we’ll respond to your inquiry within 24hours, Mondays thru Fridays.

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