There is nothing more powerful, than a woman who chooses herself by devoting to her soul path, and learning her magic, medicine & stepping into her mission.

Whether you’re feeling lost, disconnected, stuck, confused, alone
or want to create your life vision with more ease,

Kinesiology, energy & soul medicine can support you.


Since 2014, I have worked with hundreds of clients in thousands of sessions, who have transformed themselves and their lives. My treatments are individualised for the transformation of your needs, wants and desires.  I work with a small number of 1:1 clients and I’d love to co-create with you.

I infuse the art of energy & soul medicine (Kinesiology) with the principles of Psychology and the practice of embodiment, to empower you to find the courage to heal your heart.  My method, is unique and an effective process to peel away the layers of emotions and unravel the stories, beliefs that we keep locked in our hearts that hold us back from who we really are & receiving what we truely desire.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re an everyday but soulful woman who desires to become and awaken her heart, her truth, her dream, so that she can make a difference in this world.   You are on a path of knowing, loving and being yourself and are ready to commit to your own growth and choose you. 

My treatments are co-creations.  In each treatment we are guided by your heart, to unravel, deeply understand your individual situation & together we work out strategies so that you can move forward in your life.  Part of my gift is to support you to identify your deeper intentions, navigate your emotions and to support you to find your answers within. 

We cover a lot of ground in each and every session plus you will receive practical strategies and self-healing tools to continue on your journey.   You will receive a follow up email with  your session notes to  further guide you.


Children deserve to be happy, free, confident & loved just as they are.   These session are   60mins & pure magic for children  who have signs or symptoms of anxiety, sleep & behavioural issues, trauma, sadness, bullying.  

And, YES even one treatment can  create a massive change & have an huge impact within your family.



A 7 week 1:1 mentorship to shift from feeling anxious, alone or lost to becoming a fun loving girl who is happy, confident in her own skin to express her self & believe in her dreams.


FREE soul chat




The complete spiritual journey encompassing both the mother and the child.  We journey from pregnancy, to labour,  to birthing and right into the space that you are currently in.  We release any trauma from the body, connect to the womb space, feel the emotions and learn the sacred soul medicine for your child.  Your souls will be aligned & activated!


Who I work with & WHY


Women who desire to feel confident (and beautiful) in their own skin.  She is ready to heal her heart by shifting out of her head and into her body, to find her confidence, reconnect with her true feminine essence & unleash the ocean of love within her.

(This may look or feel like:  anxiety, sadness, fear of aloneness, highly emotional, heartbroken,  hormonal imbalances, stuck at a crossroads, struggles with feeling worthy and receiving, over-giving to others, has difficulty expressing herself – deep yearning to know her soul purpose).

Tweens who deeply feel lost, alone & struggle with confidence and friendships  

(This could look or feel like – anxious, withdrawn, emotional, uncomfortable in their own skin, acne, out of balance hormanes & moods, struggles to make decisions, lack of confidence, follows crowd, difficulty making or maintaining friendships, behavioural issues).

Children who deeply struggle with being themselves and shining their unique light. 

(This could look or feel like – anxious, highly sensitive, emotional, bullying, difficulty making friends, fitting in to mainstream systems, disrupted sleep patterns, learning difficulties, food intolerances, behavioural issues).


The higher vision and purpose for my clients is to create generational healing.  

I hold a vision of a world where child grows up to know their worth, feeling like they belong & unconditionally loved, so they can be the change they wish to see in the world.   When we walk the path of knowing, loving and becoming the best version of ourself,  we feel safe, free and know that their our dreams aren’t just possible but inevitable..

Megan always has my back, and my heart and soul are always safe and strong in her hands  “How do I start to describe the transformation and healing that has occurred in my life, under the guidance and hands of Megan Johnston?  I came to Megan to heal my broken and grieving heart 18 months ago, and she has been my go-to ever since.  Helping me shift old patterns and pain, while supporting me through the new dreams and challenges that arise in the day-to-day life of a super sensitive cancer thriver and business woman.  Megan always has my back, and my heart and soul are always safe and strong in her hands.” 



Soulpreneurs Creator & CEO + Author



• Diploma in Kinesiology
• Bachelor of Science – Applied Psychology
• Certificate 111 in Counselling
• Daily yoga and meditation student
• Intuitive & Holistic Counsellor
• Youth Specialist – over 16 years experience in working with children & young people



• Trust the process and enjoy the journey
• To be open, honest and expand your self-awareness
• To acknowledge and accept your authentic self (light & darkness)
• To be open to letting go of the struggles, both the emotional & physical pain
• To be open to new thoughts, perceptions, behaviours, lessons learnt
• To incorporate the practical strategies in your everyday life
• To be on time to appointments and pay in a timely manner
• Do your HOMEPLAY – yes your homework! Don’t worry it’s FUN!


• To empower you to heal yourself and find the answers you seek within you.
• To be open, honest and answer any questions you may have.
• To provide a professional and affordable service.
• To provide a relaxing comfortable and functional environment for you to heal.
• To hold a sacred space for you to journey within.
• To provide information in relation to Kinesiology & transformation
• To provide feedback, and give practical tools and strategies to transform
• To refer to other specialist practitioners if necessary so you can get the best treatment
• To provide receipts so you can claim a rebate through your private health fund


Your appointment time is valuable and reserved for you. I understand life happens, but I would much appreciate 48 hours notice of cancellations or change of appointment times. If you cancel your appointment with 24 hours, you will be responsible for the full cost of the session.  Please note there are no refunds on packages or mentoring.


While I am a registered member of the Australian Kinesiology Association, as of the 1stApril 2019 private health funds are no longer giving rebates for Kinesiology.


Heal, Transform, Create, Receive…

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