What a week, month and even year it has been on an energetic level.  We have been hit with earthquakes, the powerful Blue Moon, 888 Lion’s Gateway portal and a super moon to come at the end of the month! Today at 14.54 GMT marks the NEW MOON in Leo.  So with all these energetic imbalances how do you stay in your flow? What does it mean to FLOW FREELY, how do you FIND YOUR FLOW and how do you STAY IN YOUR FLOW?

About 18 months ago I did a self-development course for entrepeneurs and during one of the exercises I had a AH-HA moment when I realised that the pattern of my life was to STRUGGLE – from my conception and my traumatic breach birth. My school and home life. My successes and my failures. Within myself it was a struggle to make decisions, to settle, to commit but it was also a struggle to be carefree & without routine.

It was a REAL STRUGGLE TO FIND A BALANCE. I have always been described as a sensitive soul When I was a little girl was shy, held back, so unsure of myself. As a teenager I felt emotions intensely – hurtful words, rejection, criticism, judgements etc. There were times my logically brain would know they are not trying to be hurtful, but my heart would feel shattered into a million pieces. I had sharp intuition but no idea how to use it for the good as when I did use it I was dismissed. The older I become the more I hardened my heart and closed down my intuition. With this start to life its know wonder when I found KINESIOLOGY IT FELT LIKE COMING HOME. It’s all about acceptance, love, emotion, balance and flow.

As I reflect on my LOGO and when it was originally designed it was all about the coast, the beach, blue because it is my favourite colour. It did also have the connotation of yin and yang but little did I know what a massive part of my practice it would become. It’s taken me so long to express what Kinesiology is, how I work, and who I work with. But things are becoming clearer and clearer.

My LOGO combines my life story, how I found my flow and what my gift is. My gift is to guide you on a ‘journey within’ and combine your light and shadow so that they dance together in harmony. Sometimes clients come with the shadow (anxiety, depression, pain, confusion, overwhelm) and sometimes they come to create (abundance, success, creativity, passion).

So often in my clinic I hear people expressing wanting to run, hate, and wish their shadows away. , to exploring them and unravelling them. The old saying &you can run but you can’t hide&, is so true. There is no hiding from our shadows, from our emotions – well not forever and not without consequences.  Our bodies are built in with an innate healing system. They have the ability to store memories, pain, energies that we try and block out or suppress. This is how DIS-EASE starts, and grows if we don’t deal with it.

However, there is another way and it is far more EMPOWERING -‘journey within’ and explore and unravel your darkness to simply ACKNOWLEDGE, ACCEPT, LOVE and LEARN THE LESSONS. There is beauty hiding in this darkness. The shadow only dwells in us to lead us to the light. Your body really does have all the answers, it holds the keys to your inner freedom – you just need the tools to unlock your hidden potential. YOU have the POWER to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. Your true GIFTS are waiting to be discovered.

Take this wisdom for someone that USED to find a struggle in everything. Trust your INNER KNOWING that life can be different and you don’t have to struggle. If you need support, if you are really READY to EXPLORE YOUR DARKNESS TO FIND YOUR LIGHT I would be honoured to gentle guide you, provide you with practical strategies and inspire you to create a LIFE YOU DESIRE.

For those courageous souls that have already found your FLOW, I thought I would share my top 10 tips to stay there.


1.  ACKNOWLEDGE where you are at, ACCEPT & see it for what it is & then just LET IT GO.

2.  GET GROUNDED – connect to the earth & nature walk barefoot on the beach, dig in the dirt, swim in the ocean, dig in the garden.

3.  MUSIC & MOVEMENT- Dance, sing, yoga, walk.  Put on your favourite song on and dance, let you body flow freely to the rhythm of it’s own heart.  It’s one thing to logically understand the emotion – but to move it through your body takes it to a new level.

4.  EMOTIONS  – Become aware of  your emotions and understand its your perception of them that cause the uneasiness.  Don’t be afraid to FEEL them.  Yes FEEL the pain but also to FEEL the joy.  

5.  CONNECT to your BODY – Your body is a powerful healing tool, when you know how to really connect with it.  To feel your emotions, to find the stuckness the darkness within your body to gently release it.

6.  EXPRESS GRATITUDE – did you know if you write down 5 things you are grateful for daily it actually changes your neurological patterning to release endorphins which make you feel happier.

7.  BE AUTHENTIC – the closer you are to accepting, knowing & loving all parts of yourself, the more your will flow with ease, grace and joy.

8. BE PRESENT BY OPENING YOUR HEART – Out of your head and into your heart space.  Re/connect with your truth, your soul, your inner child.  

9.  CHAKRA’S – energy centres within us and surrounding us that are life changes.   

10.  KINESIOLOGY – sorry it has to be in the list its all about balancing the mind, body and soul so that they flow in harmony.  It truely is a ‘journey within’ to unravel, reconnect and love yourself, just the way you are.

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