The last few weeks I have been surfing the wave of COMMITMENT V’S FREEDOM. The journey started a wild and woolly ride only to find myself floating in a calm blue sea. It’s kind of like the YIN & YANG symbol of my life, my light and darkness, my strength and my weakness. They are both within me but the power has been in finding a way for them to merge and flow to transform my business and my life. What is the Yin & Yang of your life?

Freedom is my light, a word that describes me to a tee, and reflects the way I have lead my life to date perfectly! Freedom is something that I’m comfortable with; maybe it’s got to do with the fact I’m a Sagittarius who are renowned to be up for new adventures. Freedom means change, travel, adventures, spontaneity, growth and creativity. Freedom is living in my flow, shining my bright light. It has given me the courage to try new things, travel the world, take risks, and explore myself to great depths. It has taught me independence and to follow my intuition not the crowd and to trust in my deepest knowings. For all the positives there’s also the part of me that recognises that this has meant I have not settled down, had a family, brought a house or had the opportunity to gain long service leave.

Stability is my darkness and describes something I have managed to avoid for the majority of my life. Stability for me in the past has meant fear of commitment and getting vulnerable, being tied down, suffocating, feel stuck, and losing my independence. The thought of it makes me uncomfortable, my body tense and my teeth clench, it puts up barriers and blocks creativity.

In knowing all this, I sit in the centre of my authentic self and listen to the whispers of my hearts true desires. I choose to recognise that stability & freedom co-exist within me and I choose to ask that they merge and find their flow within me so I can move forward in my business and evolve as a person.  So yes I surf the waves in the wild ocean, I let the emotions come and go, I fall off my surfboard and yes get dumped a few times by my fears, old beliefs and opinions of others. Once I surrendered to the ocean of emotions, let the swell die down and the sun come out my true path to transformation was revealed.

I’m now floating in calmer seas and have found my freedom within my stability. I have committed to a new business premise, where I can nurture and expand my business and I have also committed to new home – yep a big couple of weeks for me. I have been sweetly rewarded with an office overlooking the ocean in Coolum Beach – could not have dreamed of a better location & with clients booking treatments. Personally, I have finally found a place to call home, I have my books out of storage and I can walk to & meditate at my favourite spot in the world every day. Once again I trust my intuition and find the answers within. Now that what I call freedom!!!!

Feel free to comment on what the YIN & YANG (struggle) in your life is?

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